Places to visit in Correze

As part of your Cycling Holidays in France
The Correze region of France, little known even to the French, is packed with glorious pristine countryside, lakes and valleys. Perfect for relaxing and exploring at a leisurely pace.
Corrèze, known as France’s Green Department truly is the verdant heart of the country, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Unspoiled and quiet, Corrèze is the undiscovered region of France, situated to the West of the Massif Central and the Auvergne , it is the southernmost department of the Limousin. Rolling Hills, forests, streams and lakes, with gorges plunging down to the Vezere and Dordogne Rivers characterize the area.

If you want to take time out from your cycling holiday and spend sometime sightseeing you will be spoilt for choice.

Best Places to Visit in Correze


An elegant town on the banks of the Dordogne river with a picturesque quay where the houses are crowned with turrets, gables and pepper pot towers and the Dordogne gabares used to moor to unload their cargos.
There are cafes and restaurants on the Quay and through the town.
The weekly market is on Thursday mornings in the large marketplace. The ‘big’ market is every first and third Thursday of the month
Argentat sur Dordogne with Correze Cycling Holidays France
Les Cascades de Gimel Limousin with Correze Cycling Holidays France

Gimel Les Cascades

Situated in a picturesque valley, the Montane river cascades down three stunning waterfalls dropping 143 metres. Entrance to the waterfalls costs around 6 Euros and you can climb down the steep stairs and ladders around the waterfalls – sensible shoes strongly recommended
There is a lovely walk from the falls to the small town of Gimel, where there is a restaurant and bar and a few small tourist shops. Just outside the village is a lovely marked walk down the steep valley to the river, passing a ruined chapel,

Collonges La Rouge with Correze Cycling Holidays France

Built from the old red sandstone that narrowly crosses the area, Collonges ‘the Red’ is a completely preserved historic town of stunning buildings and narrow streets.  Rated as one of the ‘Plus Belle Villages’ (most beautiful) of France, it is steeped with atmosphere.  A picturesque lunch spot.
Collonges La Rouge Correze France
Beaulieu sur Dordogne with Correze Cycling Holidays France

Beaulieu sur Dordogne

Built on the bank of the Dordogne, Beaulieu is a picturesquely historic town, famous for its Romanesque church and the local industry of Strawberry growing.  At the annual strawberry festival in May you can see the worlds largest strawberry tart and eat (and drink) all good things made from Strawberries.

Tours de Merle

The remains of the Merle fortress stand on a rocky spur surrounded by a meander of the River Maronne.  At the time of Henry II Plantagenet this was an important frontier post between the English Duchy of Aquitaine and the earldoms of Toulouse and Auvergne.  Now a picturesque ruin, it is a great visit for a spare afternoon.
Tours de Merle Limousin with Correze Cycling Holidays France
Tulle with Correze Cycling Holidays France


The capital of Corrèze, famous for the production of lace, accordions and armaments, Tulle straddles the banks of the river Correze along a narrow valley.  The area around the Cathedral of Notre Dame has shops, cafes and patisseries and is the most historic and picturesque part of the town.  The cathedral cloisters and its adjoining museum are worth a visit.  The ‘Nuits de Nacre’ (nights of Mother of Pearl) accordion festival in September showcases the best of modern and traditional music fusion.  There is a large market every Wednesday and Saturday morning

Great Places to visit further afield

Chateaux and Historic Towns

There are many impressive castles in the Corrèze, Auvergne and Northern Lot, including the Château de Castelnau at Bretenoux, the Château de Montal and Château de Hautefort.  We can also highly recommend the Château de Murol near Mont Dore, with its exhibitions of sword fighting and jousting.
The very famous (and busy) Rocamadour is within 90 minutes drive and is well worth a visit, particularly out of season
Rocamadour Lot with Correze Cycling Holidays France
Gouffre de Padirac Lot with Correze Cycling Holidays France

Caves and Prehistoric Sites

Within an hour of Espagnac is the region of the Northern Lot.  The geology of the area has led to the formation of massive cave systems, most notably the Grottes de Presque, the Grottes de Lacave and the stunning Gouffre de Padirac which are approximately 90 minutes drive.

The Auvergne

In just over an hours drive you can be in the Auvergne region with its stunning landscape formed from extinct volcanoes.  The spa town of La Bourboule and the ski resort town of Mont Dore are nice to browse and you can take a cable car to the top of the mountain for fabulous views of the region.
Tours de Merle Correze with Correze Cycling Holidays France
Jardins Marqueyssac near Sarlat Dordogne with Correze Cycling Holidays


One of France’s most beautiful gardens the Jardins du Manoir D’Eyrignac is approximately one hour away.  Closer are Les Jardins de L’imaginaire at Terrason and Les Jardins de Lostanges near Beaulieu sur Dordogne.  If you want a whole day out the hanging gardens at Marqueyssac are truly special